To all the budding vegans out there, here's a bonafide list of groceries

Decided to go vegan and have no clue what to pick? We’ve arranged a shopping cart at Foodhall for your convenience, thank us later

To all the budding vegans out there, heres a bonafide  list of groceries

Veganism has been around for a long time now. But its longevity has in no way impacted its popularity. The choice to go vegan or adopt a reducetarian diet (simply reducing the consumption of meat, dairy products and the likes) still remains in vogue for reasons pertaining to health or to simply follow a trend. You may be a beginner or an experienced plant-based eater, navigating a grocery store for suitable vegan options can be a daunting task. But fret not! We have readied a vegan grocery cart that is filled with the best-in-market alternatives provided by Foodhall. This should make your transition to veganism super-smooth and fun. From sweets to meats, we've got you covered

This vegan grocery list from Foodhall helps you get a better idea of what shopping for plant-based meals looks like.

Ice-creams & Chocolates

We are jumping onto the desserts first. Because, why not? While you may have opted to go dairy-free, you can still enjoy all the goodness of ice-creams and chocolates (I mean what even is life without a little sweetness?). Foodhall provides vegan ice-creams like Papa Cream's vegan French vanilla, The Brooklyn Creamery's acai berry banana, Minus 30's coconut ice-cream and Noumou's sea salt caramel. If you are more of a chocolate person you can try out Didier Frank's almond milk choco or Paul and Mike's 99 dark chocolate. For all the candy lovers out there, try the vegan Trolli Apfelgarten for a little sweet and sour treat.


Like to munch while working or just like to munch (who needs a reason for snacks?). Foodhall provides a wide range of vegan snacks too. Try out Natch's popped chips salt & pepper, rice crackers sesame butter and La Folie's salted caramel pecan cookie for a movie night. For an evening snacking party with friends, you can try Shaka Harry's just like samosa and Steamup's vegan corn momos with Tibetan sauce and My Mom's Granola's vegan granolas. You can also just try out all of these by yourself, it tastes better when you don't have to share, right?


So you gave up meat and have no idea how or what can replace it. Foodhall has a solution for this as well. You can experiment with mock meat products like Beyond Meat's sausages, Imagine Meats' chicken seekh kebab, Veggie Champ's veg mock mutton and Urban Platter's vegan chunks stick soya. They also provide canned goods like Urban platter's soyabean chops and soyabean tikka. Choose as your heart desires!


Cheese! Need I say more? Cheese is happiness. You may have gone vegan, but cheese is for everyone. Try out Sheese's vegan mozzarella, their vegan cheddar jalapeno & chilli cheese or their gouda style with crackers, your homemade vegan pizza or whatever you want to add cheese in (if I could, I'd add it to everything). You can also try Better Boldly's beet vegan spread with toast as a snack.

Foodhall also provides vegan alternatives for mayo. You can try Goodmylk's vegan mayo or Urban Platter's vegan mint mayo in your homemade vegan sub for a weekend night in.


Yes, it is now possible to bake vegan goodies as well. To name some of the vegan baking ingredients that Foodhall provides, there's La folie's 45 excellence milk chocolate or you can opt for their speciality dark chocolate. Urban Platter also provides vegan couverture cooking chocolate and vegan dark chocolate buttons, if you'd like to try different brands. For vegan eggs you can choose between Orgran's vegan easy egg or Yes You Can vegan egg replacer. Isn't vegan baking now easier than ever? You bet.

Toddler nutrition

If you are someone who wants to explore vegan options for your little foodies, then Foodhall has Sunwarrior's plant-based protein powder, Ketofuel's NTR drinking chocolate that you can begin with. Safe to say, once you get a sense of what is liked and not liked, you can further experiment with other products.

Apart from the above mentioned broad categories, Foodhall also provide alternatives for tofu (Mooz Organic peanut chilly tofu), soups (Japanese Choice's tofu miso, Urban Platter's instant golden veg cup soup) for a healthy, pre-dinner snack, yogurt (Epigamia's coconut milk yogurt) and many more. Sticking to a vegan diet may be difficult, but there are a plethora of choices out there that also make it fun and exciting. All that you need to do is visit your nearest Foodhall store and simply explore.

These items are available across all Foodhall outlets (Mumbai (Linking Road, Peddar Road and Palladium), Gurugram, New Delhi (MKT and DLF Promenade) and Bengaluru).

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur

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