On World Hummus Day, we're literally spreading love with 5 recipes so cool, you'll want to make them right away

Whether you like the OG hummus or prefer those with a little spice and oomph, our list has something for everyone

On World Hummus Day, were literally spreading love with 5 recipes so cool, youll want to make them right away

Hummus is essentially a chickpea dip loaded with spices and herbs. If you're looking for a tasty but healthy snack, this is definitely one to consider. High in fiber and protein and spruced up with tahini, olive oil, lemon and salt, this Mediterranean favourite always packs a punch. The best part? You can always add a twist to the recipe and make it your own. Think, pumpkin, spinach, beetroot and even, avocado or roasted pepper hummus. Spread it on your freshly baked pita or eat it with lavash or chips—the possibilities are many.

On World Hummus Day, we're celebrating with a range of unique versions of the exquisite dip. Take your pick!:

1. The Classic Hummus

While we're always enthusiastic to try new flavours, one cannot argue the simplistic satisfaction you derive from classic hummus. Try our recipe now.

2. Turmeric Hummus

Turmeric is one of the best natural antiseptics, and adding it to hummus, which is rich in protein and fibre, means you can get the best of both worlds in our special turmeric-tinted hummus.

3. The Tabasco-Basil Hummus

Made with pine nuts, tomato puree and tabasco, all this hummus needs for that added zing is a squeeze of lime.

4. The Two-way Healthy Hummus

Rich, creamy, earthy—beetroot hummus is the answer to anyone who wondered if there's any way to make hummus even better. Try out this super nutritious dip with your favourite snacks.

5. The Green Chilli Hummus

Add a touch of spice to your Mediterranean spread with our take on the hummus, where we have reimagined it with green chillies for that much needed kick. Pair it with fresh veggies, multigrain crackers or lather it on your bread.

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