It’s time to shake it off and just dive headfirst into some mixology madness

Come along as we unveil the quirkiest cocktail trends shaking up the bar scene

It’s time to shake it off and just dive headfirst into some mixology madness

Alcohol may not be the solution, but it’s still a solution right? All you folks over the age of 21 may have at some point come across this witty little line and related to it very deeply. And given the ever-evolving world of mixology, this solution now comes in so many varieties, flavours and combinations, always championing something unique and artisanal, well it might as well be THE solution. All the way from James Bond’s iconic ‘Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred’ to Carrie Bradshaw's penchant for cosmopolitans, we’ve come a long way, cheers to the magic that unfolds when mixology and the spirit of happy hour intertwine.

So while you go about and enjoy a number of signature cocktails or even the classic tipples with a refreshing twist, we took a deep dive into the world of mixology to keep you up to date on all the trends running rampant here. Use them to your advantage the next time you hit the bar or just simply learn from them, that’s a decision we’ll leave up to you.

Low-ABV and Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
Since the rise of sober curiosity, providing special attention to mindful drinking and healthier lifestyles, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic cocktails have gained popularity. Take your Coolbergs, Jade Forests and Kati Patangs for example, just to name a few. Even restaurants offering a wholesome drinking menu feature innovative and flavorful concoctions that offer complex tastes without the high alcohol content, using ingredients like herbal infusions, shrubs, and exotic fruits.

Global Fusion
The world of mixology is becoming more diverse and inclusive, incorporating flavours and techniques from various cultures. Right from popular tea infused cocktails giving you a little aroma along with the buzz to adding local ingredients to spruce up your tipple, mixologists continue with their trials and errors to create fusion cocktails that celebrate global influences.

Sustainability and Eco-friendly Practices
As the focus on sustainability grows, the mixology industry is embracing eco-friendly practices by opting for locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, reducing waste through recycling leftovers and turning them into cordials and using sustainable spirits and utensils.

Artisanal and Craft Spirits
Consumers are showing a growing interest in small-batch, locally produced spirits with unique flavours and stories. Premium liquors brands like Maya Pistola, Makazai Rum and Cabo Rum, amongst others are not only acing it in the beverage market but also embracing the authenticity of these drinks to give you an exquisite drinking experience owing to the distinct characteristics of these handcrafted products.

Molecular Mixology
Molecular mixology combines science and art to create visually stunning and unique drinks. Techniques like foams, gels, liquid nitrogen, and spherification—the process of making boba and other liquid spheres—are used to transform traditional cocktails into modern, avant-garde creations. This trend emphasises the sensory experience and surprises the palate, while also obviously making for a wonderful Instagram shot.

Customisation and Personalisation
Tailoring drinks to individual preferences is all the rage currently, offering custom ingredients, garnishes, and flavour profiles to create a personalised drinking experience. The fact that every individual has their own unique likings, interactive drink menus and DIY cocktail stations are becoming more prevalent.

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, 'In victory, you deserve Champagne. In defeat, you need it'. But now that we are in 2023, shall we set aside the bubbly for something that is a little more quirky, fruity and perfectly suited to our palate?

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur

Natasha Kittur is an aspiring writer. Her love for anything with cheese and spice is profound, but a white sauce pasta always tops her list. In her free time you will catch her reading or watching crime books and shows or go on and on about psychological experiments and theories. She aims to write a book in the fictional genre someday.

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