10 restaurants in India that are serving immunity-boosting dishes with healthy menus that promise taste too

Think fresh fruit acai bowls, salads with superfoods and nutritious, wholesome meals

10 restaurants in India that are serving immunity-boosting dishes with healthy menus that promise taste too

There's no better time than now to take care of our health. Immunity, particularly, has been a huge concern among individuals in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic and its debilitating second wave. And while there is a gamut of supplements, home remedies and recipes that you can try to boost your immunity, in a food space that's evolving constantly to stay relevant there are easier options too.

Here is a list of restaurants across India that have specific dishes and menus made with ingredients that are known to boost immunity.

The immunity-booster acai bowl - Sequel, Mumbai

Sequel in Mumbai is known for its farm to table and organic approach to food. The immunity booster acai bowl here is made with raspberries, blueberries, Peruvian açai berry, bananas and in-house cashew milk and topped with seed granola, pomegranate, dark chocolate chips and chia seeds. The mixed berries will give you just the right boost of vitamin C for you to start your day fresh and energised.
To order: call on 7506477710 or 7506577710

Omega 3 - Bombay Salad Co, Mumbai

Made with lettuce, tomatoes, chickpea, broccoli, baked fish, tuna and mixed seeds in a miso dressing, the Omega 3 salad is, as the name suggests, is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. The tuna and baked fish are rich in protein and Omega 3 while the tomatoes give you your supply of Vitamin C. Try it!
To order: call on 7506000273 / 022 2 6000270 or order via Swiggy

Innergise Qmin box - Taj Hotels, multiple outlets in India

These home delivery menus are designed keeping in mind immunity-boosting herbs and spices. They are available in the restaurants of Taj properties in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Jaipur, Hyderabad and Cochin. The menus feature everything from ragi uttapam (a finger millet pancake) to quinoa methi ki tikki (quinoa, fenugreek galettes), kadha booster (made with tulsi, black pepper and ginger) and papita ki sabzi (cooked raw papaya) among other options.
To order: call on 18002667646 or download the Qmin app

Spinach neer dosa - Go Native, Bengaluru

Think organic farm-fresh produce, seasonal flavours and native ingredients at this lifestyle store cum cafe. Try the spinach neer dosa made with fresh spinach leaves and served with a side of coconut chutney. They also have a soothing coconut and ginger soup for days when you're feeling under the weather.
To order: call on 080-26642552

Raw rainbow kale salad - Bean Me Up, Goa

Bean Me Up is a popular vegan restaurant in Goa. They have immunity-boosting and detox shots like a sparkling autumn day with ginger and lemon, and a dish called 'a+', made with carrots, beetroot, cucumber and basil. Here, you can even find vegan meat options like seitan. Additionally, they are also a B&B and run a yoga boutique.
To order: call on 7769095356

Smoothie bowls - Sante Spa Cuisine, Pune

The menu at this healthy cafe-chain comprises seasonal dishes like the mango passion vetiver, which is made with dried fruits like raisins, oats, peaches and chia seeds. The USP of the place is that its ingredients are organic and fresh. They have a range of salads, each with a specific function like the roasted veg and ragi tortillas that are rich in amino acids, while the whole wheat spaghetti with pesto and garden-fresh vegetables are carotenoid-and-antioxidant rich.
To order: place an order via Swiggy

Mr. Lean salad - Zobet, Kolkata

This salad is made with ingredients like freshly chopped spinach, quinoa, raisins, avocado oil and lime juice, making it a dish rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and complex carbohydrates (which come from the quinoa) that are known to be good for gut health.
To order: call on 03340085315 or 9163911011

Covid-19 special menu - Krua Thai, Gurgaon

The menu at this Asian diner in the capital consists of healthy rice variants like jasmine steamed and vegetable rice. They also have a variety of cold-pressed juices with no added sugar, such as pineapple juice, green juice and an earthy detox juice. The restaurant even has a salad menu with options like a fresh fruit and a super green salad.
To order: call on +91 9810182631

Quinoa and avocado salad - The Oberoi, New Delhi

Start your day fresh with the healthy quinoa and avocado salad from The Oberoi in New Delhi. The dish is topped with pomegranate seeds, goji berry, flaxseed and packs a punch in terms of flavour, with a citrus dressing.
To order; call on +91 11 24304454

House special salad - The Yoga House, Mumbai

This salad is not only a pick me up but also full of vitamin C. It is made with fresh greens, olives, red and green peppers, cucumber, tomatoes and tossed in an orange miso vinaigrette. Enjoy it as a post-workout or quick WFH meal!
To order: call on +91 8655045001

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