6 chai recipes with a twist to upgrade your afternoon tea

This International Tea Day, turn things up a notch at your tea party with our list of handpicked recipes for chai and chai-flavoured treats

indian chai recipes

For almost two centuries, chai has been a staple and the most popular hot beverage in India. It has variations across the country, from Mumbai's cutting chai to the Kashmiri kahwa. And often, also altered as per personal taste, with a gamut of spices, types of milk and sweeteners (like sugar or jaggery) giving it a new avatar in each and every household.

If you are obsessed with chai, you will love this list of six recipes. All you have to do is follow the instructions to the tea (get it?).

Tandoori chai

A simple yet ingenious way to add flavour to your cup of chai, this version is rich and inviting with smoky notes and a hint of spices. Plus, the method isn't nearly as fancy as the name suggests; try it.

Chai cookies

Looking to add flavour to your teatime snacks? Simply add finely powdered black tea with a hint of salt to your basic cookie mixture. Enjoy them as is or along with your beverage.

White tea

A slightly less strong alternative to the regular masala chai, white tea is a two-step marvel. Bring the water to a boil, add white tea leaves and let it infuse for five to seven minutes. Stir in a little honey and a squeeze of lemon for a kick.

Sulaimani/ Malabar tea

A much quicker and milk-free version, this recipe simply entails boiling over some cloves, cardamom and crushed ginger with black tea. In it, jaggery is the sweetener of choice, making it a healthier alternative. Serve it with a dash of lemon juice, if you will.

Earl Grey tea cake

This recipe brings together two British favourites—earl grey and tea cakes! A perfect addition to your next tea party or a posh upgrade to your evening tea snack, this sweet treat is spongy, gooey and comes with an earl-grey butter glaze.

No-churn masala chai ice cream

The craving for chai is ever-present, but so is the summer heat. Easy to make, this recipe brings together any chai and ice cream. Drizzle some honey on it, or add some crushed Parle-G biscuits to fix yourself a pretty dessert.

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