Help at hand: a list of food-centric charities and fundraisers that are helping India fight the Covid-19 outbreak

If you're looking for ways to help, here's where you can start

Help at hand: a list of food-centric charities and fundraisers that are helping India fight the Covid-19 outbreak

It would be reductive to say that F&B in India has come forward to help alleviate the hardships brought forth by the second wave of COVID-19 in our country. Truth is, the food community is literally taking charge, with multiple philanthropic activities being put in place.

Be it chefs, who're putting together menus to raise funds for NGOs doing Covid relief work, bloggers and food enthusiasts turning their photography workshops and talks to generate donations or those distributing food to crematorium workers, there's a lot of good happening around us. And we thought to put it all together in one place, so you can partake in them and also, to remind you that there's hope even in these troubling times.

Feeding from Far

Feeding from Far is a Mumbai-based initiative aimed at distributing ration kits and food to the most disadvantaged during the pandemic. They've already distributed over 1,000,000 meals since the first lockdown among those belonging to lower income groups and the unemployed. And are still taking donations to increase the number of meals and ration kits they can provide each week. For more information, visit: @feedingfromfar on Instagram

Akshaya Patra Foundation

A Bangalore based NGO that is working to provide meals and grocery kits to daily wage workers, migrant labourers and also to people in old aged homes. They have distributed over 12,00,00,000 meals since the onset of the pandemic. For more information visit:

The Good Food Project

A crowdfunded, non-profit initiative that is delivering food packets to crematorium staff workers in India. The team started out with just two Indian girls but has now amassed volunteers from across the globe. You can volunteer as the staff that gets the food to the workers or even donate funds for the organisation of the meal packages. For more information visit: @goodfood_project on Instagram

Khaana Chahiye

Khaana Chahiye, a movement by the citizens of Mumbai is working towards fighting hunger and food shortage in the city. The foundation is providing meals, grocery kits and essentials to the marginalised sections in Mumbai and helping them reach their daily nutrition requirements. With over 200 volunteers, they were able to serve 46 lakh meals and distribute more than 20,000 grocery kits since March 2020. For more information visit:

Cooks For A Cause

Coming together for a good cause, Cooks For A Cause is an initiative by chef Hussain Shahzad of The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro, Prateek Sadhu of Masque, chef to the stars, Harsh Dixit and Impresario's Gresham Fernandes. The team of four are working together to give you a culinary experience at home and all for a good cause as all the proceeds will be donated to the Hemkunt Foundation. All you have to do is donate a minimum of Rs 6000 to the foundation that is relentlessly fighting the second wave of COVID-19 in India and you'll get a one-of-a-kind meal at home. For more information, check out: @chefhussains on Instagram

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