Review: Dessert lovers in Mumbai can now chill out through the summers with Grameen Kulfi's treats

Read on to find out if Grameen Kulfi is the right place to go to for all your nostalgic kulfi cravings and to beat the heat.

A top-shot of kulfi spread out - malai, mango, shahi gulkand, Calcutta Pan, 2-in-1 kulfi

Kulfis from Grameen Kulfi, Mumbai

Humid Bombay summers are as expected as they are reviled. But for Mumbaikars, the thought of summer also used to mean excursions to Juhu beach for chuskis, or sharing mango and malai kulfis with friends and family. While we may not be able to venture outside for sun-soaked afternoons spent with our favourite sweet treats, we can always bring the joy home. Which is exactly what we did when we discovered Grameen Kulfi on a food delivery app, while searching for something sugary to beat the WFH blues.


A creamery of sorts, Grameen Kulfi has outlets in Lower Parel, Bandra, Vile Parle, Andheri (East and West) and Jogeshwari. Their menu spans every kind of flavour and 'shape' one could hope for—from classic slice and matka kulfis to whimsical jugalbandi kulfis that mix two flavours together. Apart from the usual fare of malai, mango and kesar pista, they also offer the likes of Calcutta paan, gulkand and thandai. But as any fan of kulfi knows, it's not just about the flavour but quality, too.

Calcutta Paan and Shahi Gulkand Stick Kulfi

What worked:

And to that end, we'll have to admit: almost everything we ordered was an absolute delight. From the very first bite of the thick, perfectly flavoured desi malai to the oddball shahi gulkand, we had to nitpick to find a glitch. The latter even smelled like fresh roses and came with pieces of dried rose to boot. The mango matka kulfi was fresh, free of the taste of artificial sugar (a trap many fall into with mango desserts). Credit where it's due: the paan-flavoured stick kulfi (which isn't usually everybody's cup of tea) was well balanced and came speckled with bits of supari as a weirdly enjoyable surprise.

Mango and Desi Malai Matka Kulfi

What didn't work:

While by and large, Grameen Kulfi managed to please us with its offerings, the only place that we felt they lacked, was in terms of creativity. Given that there are places such as Bombay Kulfi and Parsi Dairy that serve a range of fruity and imaginative options, Grameen's offerings pale in comparison. They do have a jugalbandi segment on the menu that features two-in-one flavours, but it's the classics that satisfy the most.


If you're chasing the nostalgia of an Indian summer, then this place could very well become your go-to. Their kulfis even come at an affordable price point for those with meagre budgets—the stick kulfis are priced at Rs 51 per piece and the jugalbandi kulfis make for the most expensive fare on the menu at Rs 170. But most importantly, whether it's the classic desi malai, fresh mango or floral shahi gulkand, each flavour is sure to help you escape to a sunny, sugary world. And if there's ever a time for a journey like that, it's now.

Sroojana Iyer

Sroojana Iyer

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