Summer special: where to find the best ice cream in India

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Summer special: where to find the best ice cream in India

Summer and ice cream are entwined with each other the way a Gujarati is to their airplane snacks. So, whether you're in Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, Bengaluru or Chennai, these are our best ice cream spots in the country. We thought some sugar and ice would be nice right now. And as a bonus, we've added some ice cream flavours we are currently only day dreaming about, but which you can dig into when you can travel next.

Mr. Gelato, Goa

Frozen yoghurt, sorbets and gelatos—Mr Gelato is Anjuna's one-stop-shop for all kinds of cold desserts. They have your usual chocolate, coffee and vanilla, but you should dive straight into the specials or try their gelatos in unique flavours, such as panna cotta with raspberry, mango cheesecake and salted butter caramel.

Milano, Bengaluru

Hands down one of the best in the city and a local favourite, Milano does fruity popsicles, sorbets, classic ice creams, crepes with ice creams, ice cream stuffed inside crispy biscuit shells and large frozen birthday cakes too. Besides seasonal fruit flavours, they are also known for their sea salt and chocolate ice cream for when you want something more indulgent.

GMT ice cream & coffee lounge, Puducherry

A millennial-friendly ice creamery, GMT uses organic milk for all their products and even does vegan ice creams for those who prefer dairy-free. Their flavours include interesting ones like an Iran Blend that's made of almond, pistachio and hazelnut mixture, or a Blackberry made with fresh blackberries. GMT also dabbles in ice cream cakes like the Theobroma, a layered cake made of dark, milk and white chocolate.

Amadora, Chennai

This one may be based in Chennai, but they deliver across the country and are one of the top runners in terms of quality. Pick from their seasonal specials like raspberry and mango and mint, or our all-time summer crush a good chocolate sorbet. Amadora's treats go from icy cold to mousse-smooth in a matter of minutes. You can also try the ice cream sandwich that is equal parts nostalgia and sexy millennial. All their stuff will make your heart melt.

Toshin, Mumbai

One of the city's best-kept secrets is that the Toshin bakery doesn't just do fantastic desserts, but also ice creams that prove to be the real cherry on the cake. Smooth as satin, their scoops come in flavours that range from basic pistachio and dark chocolate to cinnamon cookie and passion fruit, making this place an absolute must-try for Mumbaikars.

These are the ice creams we've been day-dreaming of:

Queso ice cream, Philippine Islands

Cactus ice cream, Nice

Kimchi ice cream, Seoul

Horseradish ice cream, New York

Black licorice ice cream, Stockholm

Black coconut ice cream, Los Angeles

Ghost pepper ice cream, Delaware

Black tahini ice cream, Istanbul

Glow in the dark ice cream, Sydney

Cheetos ice cream, Jakarta

Sonal Ved

Sonal Ved


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