These junior master chefs on social media are not kidding about food

There’s something wholesome and heartwarming about watching little toddlers and their passion for food

These junior master chefs on social media are not kidding about food

One of the best things about social media is that literally anyone can be on it. Including babies! And as enthusiasts who enjoy the pure and unfiltered aspect of food, watching toddlers who haven't even learnt to speak is a hell lot of fun. So, here's a list of our favourite junior chefs from the Internet and reasons why we love them. If their somewhat amateur cooking skills don't bode well with you, at least their heartening antics will. Check it out.

Kobe eats/ @kobe_yn

Kobe is an adventurous little two year old who loves to cook with his mum. Known for meticulously tasting every single ingredient before he uses it to make his recipe, his golden mop of hair, twinkling eyes and crackling laughter, this little chef's videos are sure to brighten up your day.

Grey and Mama/ @greyandmama

Grey is a three year old who has taken the social media world by storm. He's best known for saying, ''thank you, mama,'' each time his mother gets him his plate of food and his genuine appreciation of food is a delight to watch.

Marleigh/ @theyeetbaby

Marleigh is an adorable two year old girl whose uncle has been trying to get her to pour her drinks into cups without overspilling, since she was old enough to hold onto one. The videos show her hilariously screaming out colloquial millennial phrases like ,''Yeet'' and ''Send it'', before she takes a swig of her drink. Rest assured, her antics will leave you laughing out loud.

Nihal Raj/ @kichatube

Nihal is a talented 10-year-old chef from India, and is popularly known as Little chef Kicha. He has an extraordinary knack for cooking. His special creation–the Mickey mouse mango ice cream went so viral that he was invited as a guest on The Ellen Show.

Sarang/ @hungrysarang

Sarang can often be found cooking with her father on screen. What's special about the three-year-old's videos is the manner in which she savours her food. And watching it is pure joy!

Easy peasy with Jordan/ @easypeasyjordan

Four-year old Instagram chef Jordan's forte is creating easy recipes. He also occasionally attempts to teach his viewers the Japanese language and watching him in his element can be quite fun. If you do end up trying out his recipes, let us know what you think.

Dev Mishra/ @dev_mishra_kitchen

A semifinalist from the popular TV show, Junior Masterchef, Season 3, Dev has a deep love for food that he inherited from his mother. At a young age, this maestro is already trying to represent his culture and heritage through food and that comes through in his social media feed.

Poorvi Swami

Poorvi Swami

Often described as the “life of the party,” Poorvi Swami is constantly experimenting with food. A bonafide Korean Pop & Drama fan, she is a curious mind with a nose for new trends.

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