10 fun recipes to keep you happy and cool this summer

As the temperatures soar keep cool with these 10 refreshing recipes

10 fun recipes to keep you happy and cool this summer

As we step into March it’s time to pack up our winter jackets, put the blankets away, crank up the air conditioning and get into the summer mood with a breezy cooler in your hand and some appetising and cooling dishes lined on the table. Taking advantage of the delightful range of fruits that the summer season brings with it, we’ve made a list of 10 such refreshing and rejuvenating recipes that don everything from ripe fruits, salads, some-things-mangoes and even beverages to kick start your summer as it gets hotter outside.

Check out our 10 picks that will keep the scorching heat at bay, as you relax and laze.

Fresh summer salad
Who said salads have to be boring and only for the health-conscious folks out there? Check out this delicious fresh summer salad, a wholesome and cooling treat in itself. With a balanced blend of proteins and vitamins, this salad will satisfy your hunger and your palate.

Chilled summer soups
If you too are dreading the heat and plan to stay indoors as much as possible, may be these fresh soups made with the goodness of beetroots, mangoes and coconut, all served chilled, will definitely cheer you up and cool you down.

Aam panna popsicle
Summer is officially mango season, and obviously incomplete without aam panna. Fusing the goodness of mangoes in a thand-thanda-cool-cool popsicle, this aam panna popsicle is a quick and easy recipe for you and your family to make together and enjoy on a hot afternoon.

Watermelon feta salad
We love a yummy and fun fusion when it comes to food. So how about the freshness of watermelon paired with the creaminess of feta cheese to ready one delicious and refreshing salad? We promise you, once you try this combination, there’s no going back!

Tender palm fruit juice
Beat the heat with this delicious nongu (aka ice apples or palm fruit) sherbet by Preetha Srinivasan. Serve this mint and ice apple juice to your family and friends, be it as a refreshing get-together welcome drink or just as a midday break. Either way, we know you will love it.

Chilled raw mango chilli soup
Raw mango is a must during the hot season, but why go for a plain boring soup when we can spice it up with some chilli and lemon? This vegan and gluten-free spicy raw mango and ginger soup is the perfect drink to match the breezy vibe we’re going for this season.

Asian ginger tofu salad
Looking for something light and healthy, but also filling at the same time? We think this tangy tofu salad is the way to go. Have it as a meal with a side of bread or just as is for a mid day snack, this recipe definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Organic mango salsa
Mango is such a versatile fruit, and leave it to us to make a number of mango special dishes just as soon as summer is in sight. For instance, this sweet and sour mango salsa to go with all your nachos and sides. You can thank us later.

Kerala-style mango curry
Adding more to our mango recipes this summer, this Kerala-style mango curry is the perfect blend between the sweetness of mangoes and Kerala’s regional spices. And to top it off, pair it with totapuri mango pickle and some refreshing buttermilk. It's a meal you’ll never forget anytime soon.

Chocolate-banana sundae
We promise this banana sundae dessert is sure to be a new favourite in your house. Made with the freshness of bananas mixed with ice cream and the rich flavours of chocolate, this glorious yet easy to make dessert will soon be your go-to comfort dish the next time a sweet craving hits.

This summer, try these recipes and let us know which one is your favourite!

Happy Summers!

Ananya Gandhi

Ananya Gandhi

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