Here's how you can make Netflix's Squid Game candy at home

Everything you need to know about this trending treat and the perfect recipe for it!

Heres how you can make Netflixs Squid Game candy at home

You must have observed that Netflix's new Korean drama, Squid Game is all over your Instagram feed. Most of us obsessed with K-Dramas, have already slurped on spicy ramen, tried our hands at making kimchi fried rice and scoured the grocery store aisles for gochujang. It's no surprise that after watching Squid Game, our (and your) newest obsession will be these sugar candies that are nostalgic sweet treats sold by street vendors and enjoyed by kids all over South Korea. With a light, crunchy texture and a honeycomb-like inside, this is the perfect quick dessert. So, if you're dying to try the newest foods, these are easy to make and we have the recipe for you that you can binge on while watching the rest of the show (and more later).

Recipe for 1 piece of candy from Squid Game:


  • 1.5 tbsp granulated white sugar
  • 2 small pinches baking soda


  • Add the sugar to a large ladle
  • Turn the heat on to medium-low and start melting the sugar
  • When the sugar starts to melt around the edges, stir constantly
  • If it starts to smoke, get it off the heat for a couple of seconds and bring it back
  • Once all the sugar is melted and free of lumps, let it cool off for a few seconds and add two small pinches of baking soda
  • Hold the pan away from the heat and stir constantly until it's dissolved and the bubbling mixture turns caramel in colour
  • Pour the mixture on a non-stick baking sheet or a non-stick skillet
  • Press it down with a non-stick plate for 3-4 seconds and stick a lollipop stick into one end. This is also your time to carve out a design on it if you wish
  • Let it cool and enjoy!

Samika Aurora

Samika Aurora

After graduating from USC and making the most of LA's food scene, Samika is now back in India and ready to explore the food in her own country. A culinary enthusiast, she spends a lot of time brainstorming dinner ideas, looking up new restaurants, listening to podcasts and has a special knack for churning her own ice cream.

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