7 restaurants spotlighting India's regional flavours

Explore the art of subtle indulgence with these exquisite regional dining experiences

7 restaurants spotlighting Indias regional flavours

While the joy of cooking Indian food at home is unbeatable, there's an unparalleled thrill in exploring the culinary gems scattered across the country. In this article, we'll introduce you to 7 restaurants celebrated for their mastery in presenting the authentic flavours of regional Indian cuisines. These establishments promise an experience beyond the ordinary, inviting you to savour the unique magic that unfolds when expert chefs showcase the diverse culinary traditions that make India a gastronomic paradise.

Read on to know all about them.

Indian Accent

Known for its inventive Indian cuisine, Indian Accent was recently launched in Mumbai. The menu combines modern and playful dishes while staying true to authentic flavours. From childhood memories to forgotten tastes across India, the restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Not just in India, Indian Accent has also made its mark globally with an outpost in New York. It consistently ranks on the World’s 50 Best and Asia’s 50 Best lists, earning a reputation as one of the best restaurants in the world. Beware, it's not your average dining spot – the taste lingers long after you've left.


Presenting a contemporary interpretation of South Indian cuisine, Avartana blends the traditional with modern. The restaurant, recently unveiled in Mumbai, seamlessly incorporates the symbolic banana leaf into its design and décor, while they have on offer meticulously curated tasting menus that showcase a fusion of innovation, timeless classics and indulgence. Notably, Avartana has earned recognition as one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants this year, further solidifying its status as a culinary gem.


Being a pioneer in India, this ingredient-driven restaurant exclusively offers a chef's tasting menus, setting a unique standard in the culinary scene. In their quest to shape the landscape of modern Indian cuisine, the establishment exclusively selects ingredients from within the country, placing a particular emphasis on sourcing from the Himalayan belt. The meticulous sourcing process reflects a deep commitment, whether obtaining produce through foraging, cultivating on their own farm, or supporting small-scale farmers. Careful consideration is paramount in ensuring the quality and origin of every ingredient, contributing to an unprecedented dining experience.

Dum Pukht

Dum Pukht Begum's is a dedicated effort to revive the artistry of courtly manners, presentation and culinary excellence from the Deccan region. Inviting you to partake in a royal feast, the restaurant proudly presents ancient recipes and authentic flavours derived from the kitchens of the Nizams of Hyderabad. Stepping into its regal ambiance—adorned in silver and purple— immerses you in an experience of a bygone era, encapsulating the essence of old-world charm.

O Pedro

Operating round the clock, O Pedro stands out as a dining destination offering an authentic and delectable blend of Goan, Continental and North Indian cuisines, all paired with a variety of viennoiseries and desserts. Situated in Bandra Kurla Complex, this eatery’s stylish ambiance creates the perfect setting to relish a diverse range of culinary delights. They not only offer a menu that spans various cuisines but also serve drinks that perfectly complement the region's culinary diversity.

Kappa Chakka Kandhari

At Kappa Chakka Kandhari, the focus is on bringing to the table not just dishes but a rich tapestry of ingredients and techniques that have withstood the test of time, often disappearing from modern kitchens. The menu boasts a spectrum of flavours, from the bold and spicy prawn ularthiyathu to the nuanced kadala roast adorned with flakes of toasted coconut. The experience is further enriched with the mellow yet flavourful kanji, served alongside an assortment of chutneys. Kappa Chakka Kandhari stands as a culinary haven, preserving and celebrating the authentic tastes of Kerala that might otherwise fade into oblivion.


Chef Vanika Choudhary, a pioneer in India's farm-to-table movement since founding Sequel in 2016, continues her culinary journey with Noon. Specialising in ferments, foraged ingredients and regional flavours, Noon's 10-course Chef's Tasting Menu evolves with the seasons, featuring ingredients from Maharashtra, Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir. Noon has expanded its influence globally through exciting collaborations with renowned restaurants like Cenci in Tokyo, Paradise Soho, The Herball, Como Uma Paro, and more. Noon is a celebration of sustainability and diverse culinary partnerships.

Now that we’ve let you in on our favourite Indian regional restaurants, how about you pick a restaurant and make a reservation for a meal sometime?

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