Next time you plan a trip to Goa, try the desserts and better yet, bring home some for your folks

5 Goan desserts to guiltlessly indulge in next time you’re here

Next time you plan a trip to Goa, try the desserts and better yet, bring home some for your folks

We bet there isn't a single soul reading this story that can deny knowing the party-capital of India. Goa is known for its frivolous, carefree nights, vibrant party scenes by the beach, numerous shacks dotting the shores and the picturesque view that has been romanticised in more-than-one Bollywood movies. But this time we're going to let you in on some of their lesser known fields of expertise—their desserts. While we know about a sondesh from Bengal, shira from Maharashtra and payasam from the southern states, this lucrative tourist spot offers an assorted range of desserts that is a must-know for all those who enjoy sweets.

We've included our top five recommendations that you should try the next time you find yourself here.

The queen of all desserts in this fun state of Goa, bebinca also known as bibik or bebinka. It is a multi-layered cake with a texture quite similar to pudding. A go-to sweet treat in every celebration, bebinca is made by layering coconut flavoured batter with a sumptuous spread of clarified butter (ghee) in between each layer.

This deep-fried delicacy serves as such a brilliant dessert that we almost forget to feel the guilt for all the oil, maida and sugar in it. A sweetened dough made with flour, coconut milk and sugar is curled into cute ridged cylindrical shapes and then tossed in hot oil and finally plated after dusting a generous amount of powdered sugar for that extra glaze.

The wonders of patoleo or pathoyo deserves a separate mention, primarily because some claim the recipe to be one of Goa's best kept secrets and is also a loved traditional dessert there. A sweet rice dessert with a filling of jaggery, coconut and cardamom that is steamed between turmeric leaves, one needs to be supremely patient and precise while making patoleo. Rice is soaked overnight and grounded with water to make a thick paste and is then spread on turmeric leaves.

Kokad/ Cocada

If you're a fan of coconut desserts, this traditional sweet treat (although tricky to make) is definitely meant for you. Imagine a decadent candy, garnished with almonds that melts as soon as you pop it in your mouth. Yes, exactly the kind of recipes we'd be travelling to Goa for. Might sound like an exaggeration but only till you've had one for yourself!

Essentially made during Christmas, perad is a must-have once you're in Goa. Commonly known as guava-cheese, perad or goiabada (as is known in Portuguese) is made by combining guava, sugar and lime juice together. And its soft texture with a hint of sourness is what we'll give it bonus points for.

Which of these desserts are you willing to try out first?

Shreyasee Ghosh

Shreyasee Ghosh

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