Hey there! It's raining chai, pakoda, fries and soup this monsoon

10 recipes to keep you warm when it rains.

Hey there! Its raining chai, pakoda, fries and soup this monsoon

They say when it rains it pours and it's pouring crispy, fried, tasty snacks at the IFN kitchen. We get just how badly your heart pines for that perfect plate of pakodas that you need by your side as you drink copious amounts of chai each monsoon. So, we thought of collating some of our best monsoon-appropriate recipes all in one place for your benefit—from the humble masala chai to comforting soups and binge-worthy fried food, we've got you covered.

Masala Chai

Move aside chai-tea gang, the OG masala tea is what we're ringing the monsoons in with. Hot, masaledar and brimming with the aroma of a special mix of spices, this chai is all you need on a perfectly rainy day.

French Fries

Cliched as it may sound, fries before guys is our all-time anthem because what other dish is crunchy on the outside, soft inside and also the perfect accompaniment to everything from a sandwich to a salad? Try this recipe now.

Veg Pakoda

In our honest opinion, Munna Bhai and Circuit is a great jodi but only second to chai and pakoda. But each year, the mind tires from choosing one particular type. Skip the drama and opt for these mixed vegetable pakodas today.

Creamy Corn Chowder

For the uninitiated, chowder is a type of stew or thick soup made with milk or cream and it has several avatars. This one combines corn with other vegetables and is just the kind of stuff you want to curl up inside a duvet with.

Tomato Soup

A classic, the tomato soup is a killer combination of taste and health. Our recipe ensures that tomatoes remain the hero of the dish. Try it out to whip yourself up a soothing and light meal.

Instant Mocha

Craving a cafe-like mocha at home? You've come to the right place because we've got you this super quick recipe that makes use of five ingredients only and doubles up as an instant caffeine fix.

Turmeric Hummus

Turmeric lattes will be put to shame by this immunity-boosting hummus recipe that's just as golden as it sounds. Pair it with lavash or some good old chips to fix yourself a quick and comforting snack.

Vegetable Noodles

This Chinese preparation will hark you back to the streets, where we've spent tons of our pocket money chowing down street-style chowmein. With street food out of bounds, this recipe might be your only resort. Plus, it's great when it's pitter pattering outside.

Curry Leaves Bhajiya

Give your chai-pakoda experience a whole new twist with these itsy-bitsy curry leaf fritters that come with a massive crunch.

Veg Manchow Soup

A good load of veggies, lots of flavour and the much-needed warmth during the monsoons come together in this manchow soup that might just become your new favourite go-to. Trying it already? Let us know how it turned out!

Poorvi Swami

Poorvi Swami

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