As a new delivery joint opens in Mumbai, IFN gourmands throw a pizza Pawri

Mumbai's latest pizza delivery joint promises flavour, quality and more, but at a pocket pinch.

As a new delivery joint opens in Mumbai, IFN gourmands throw a pizza Pawri

"I'm in love. I'm having a relationship with my pizza," said Julia Roberts, while devouring a pizza in Eat Pray Love, the 2010 romance-drama that aptly captured the most real relationship so many of us have with food.

Whether it's a gourmet offering from a classic Italian joint or a specialised fusion creation from a local restaurant, pizza has a special place in everyone's hearts. Loaded with cheese or filled with delicious spices, a good pizza can light up anyone's day. So, we at India Food Network, decided to call in everyone's favourite from Mag St Toppings and bond over an office pizza party.

Gauri Devidayal and Jay Yousuf, the folks behind The Table and Mag St. Kitchen have launched a new pizza delivery service Mag St Toppings that allows you to customise your pizza from scratch, making it the perfect choice for a band of picky eaters.

What makes this new pizza offering exciting is that you can design your pizza to the tee. Starting with the base, with options like, thin-crust, sourdough or a thick crust; to the sauces and types of cheese (they have some vegan alternatives, too) and the toppings and add ons that range from meats and veggies to a variety of seasonings.

What we ordered

Chargrilled vegetable, melange of mushroom, classic Margherita (of course), jalapeño and pepperoni, fajita chicken and their monthly special beef meatball pizza with jalapeños and rocket leaves.

What worked

The first thing we noticed was the prompt service. We ordered over the phone and the pizzas were delivered before expected without any fuss. Next, the bright pink boxes that the food came in, brightening up our mood. Now, in this day and age, where delivery joints are giving restaurants serious competition, it is important to note that the packaging is as important as the food. To that end, Mag St Toppings was on point with boxes designed by Matchstick that were easily portable (just in case you want to carry them with you for a picnic or a weekend getaway) and holes within the box to hold the seasoning and flavoured oils.

One thing that can go wrong with delivery services is the freshness of the food, however, this wasn't the case with MST. The ingredients were fresh and the quality was consistent throughout all the six pizzas we tried; something we've rarely seen.
We particularly enjoyed their monthly special beef meatball pizza,which came laden with bright, green rocket leaves, a tangy tomato base and tender-as-hell meatballs that we all inhaled. The classic margherita was cheesy without being heavy and came with a liberal dose of olive oil, which helped elevate the dish. We also enjoyed the melange of mushroom pizza, which had a delectable earthy undertone and the enjoyable chewiness from the shrooms.

For the chicken lovers, the fajita chicken pizza is a great way to tuck into the juicy combination of chicken and sour cream. With the delicately thin crust of the pizza, allowing you to savour every bite.

What didn't work

Honestly, we loved most of the offerings, barring maybe the chargrilled veggies pizza that lacked the roundedness of flavours - it came with a whole load of veggies, like broccoli, tomatoes, jalapeños and mushrooms that tasted great individually but failed to come together, overburdening the uber thin crust to a point where it just couldn't hold it together. Almost like us, on a Monday with too many Zoom meetings (that could have been emails).

With a flurry of delivery joints opening, especially pizza-specific ones, such as Greedyman Pizzeria and Hundo's Pizza, both of which deliver on their promise of good quality and with offerings that pack a punch at a much lower cost, Mag St Toppings is set to have stiff competition in Mumbai city. While it does justify the slightly higher price points with nuanced flavour options and quality food, making us want to order it again, our craving will perhaps have to wait until it's time for a bonus.

Tarvene Shahpuri

Tarvene Shahpuri

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