Celebrate National Cappuccino Day at These Game-Changing Cafes for the Perfect Brew

From the bustling streets of New Delhi to the laid-back shores of Goa, these cafes are dedicated to the art of coffee-making

Celebrate National Cappuccino Day at These Game-Changing Cafes for the Perfect Brew

The coffee culture in India has evolved significantly, transitioning from a traditional tea-loving nation to a thriving coffee destination. Initially introduced by the British in the 17th century, coffee remained relatively niche until the 1990s and early 2000s, when global coffee chains and café culture began to emerge. The cappuccino, with its blend of espresso, steamed milk and frothy foam, has played a central role in this transformation, gaining popularity among urban Indians. Today, India boasts a burgeoning coffee industry, characterised by specialty coffee shops, artisanal roasters and an increasing number of coffee enthusiasts, signifying the country's shift from tea dominance to a dynamic coffee culture.

Here are 5 coffee chains where you can go and sip your morning cuppa joe.

Grammar Room, Delhi
Tucked away from the noisy city, Grammar Room is a small café run by the Olive group. It's a comfy place where you can have a healthy breakfast and really good cuppa joe. They have different types of coffee, like the usual flat white and some special ones like Doraikanal from Tamil Nadu. It's a great place to chill with your friends while enjoying a nice brew.

Zen Cafe, Mumbai
Zen Cafe is a charming space that not only offers delightful offerings like bread, sushi, pizza and vegan cupcakes but also takes its coffee seriously. They handpick and roast beans on-site, presenting a range of single-origin coffees from the Nuance Collection, best enjoyed black and prepared with your choice of an aeropress or pour over. For those seeking a more adventurous coffee experience, don't miss their Ginger Turmeric Espresso Tonic, a unique creation initially crafted for the Indian barista championship.

Babka, Goa
Nestled in Goa, Babka is known for its exceptional service and some of the finest coffee in India. Their menu includes a range of brews, from the Cortado and Cappuccino to theIced Americano and Iced Latte, making it a must-visit spot for caffeine enthusiasts seeking top-tier coffee experiences. The knowledgeable baristas are eager to share information about the different roasts and the origin stories behind each beverage, enhancing the overall coffee aficionado experience.

Kana by Coffee Mechanics, Bengaluru
Bengaluru's latest coffee gem is a haven for cappuccino lovers. With its selection of freshly-roasted single-estate coffees like the Cedarwood-Jaggery Cauvery Peak and the Litchi Coconut Iced Coffee, it caters to those in search of unique artisanal coffee experiences. The menu also features classic Espresso and Cortado, alongside innovative options like the Apple Pie Latte and Cold Brew Orange Coffee Soda. Whether you're pairing your cappuccino with a signature breakfast plate, sandwiches, or a range of salads, pastas, pizzas and burgers, this place adds to Bengaluru's reputation as a hub for exceptional coffee.

Bread and Chocolate, Pondicherry
Situated in Auroville, this sleek cafe stands as a pioneering force in revolutionising the Indian coffee scenario. Overseen by Daniel Trulson, a pastry chef hailing from Chicago, the cafe goes beyond just cappuccinos. They offer specialty coffee sourced from Subko Coffee in Mumbai and craft desserts using chocolate from Mason & Co. Visitors from all corners of India are drawn to savour Trulson's unique interpretations of classic and contemporary French pastries and viennoiseries. His creations reflect his extensive training under some of the industry's most renowned experts, making this cafe a must-visit for those seeking an experience that goes well beyond the standard cappuccino.

Treat yourself to a delightful cappuccino in one of these fantastic cafes, celebrating the art and culture of coffee in India.

Aayushi Vichare

Aayushi Vichare

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