Roohafza is a rich, rose-flavoured, dense squash and summers in India are incomplete without it.
What better way to end the summers than with some juicy mangoes? Kairi sharbat is a quicker, simpler - but no less tastier - version of Aam Panna.
A hot favourite, this Cuban cocktail is just what you need to cool down on one of those scorching evenings when you're looking for something a tad stronger.
Lemon iced tea
Squeeze a slice of lemon to add some zing to your drink and it might get a little easier to survive the heat.
This innovative summer coolers calls for a good amount of lime juice and a hint of lemon zest and water.
Pudhina chaas is best enjoyed after a heavy lunch, or even as an evening beverage instead of chai.
This sour Amla drink is perfect for breakfast, especially when you're looking to kick things off on the right note.
Just add juiced basil leaves to your basic nimbu paani along with a pinch of black salt and voila!
Soothing and with detoxifying properties, this cooler is made with coconut, spinach and buttermilk.
Who would have thought that adding just a dash (or more) of tamarind pulp would make cola even more enticing than it already is?
Solkadi is not only great for your digestive system, it is also cooling with ingredients like kokum and coconut milk.
Blend together watermelon with water and sugar, add ice and your fruity beverage is ready.
Summer in India means mangoes. And so is the recipe for this drink—mango pulp, jaggery and a pinch of salt, all mixed in with chilled water.
Fix yourself a milkshake using a few slices of cucumber, a generous amount of fresh cream and a glass of milk that also doubles up as a healthy breakfast.
Toss a slice of cake in the blender with milk, vanilla ice cream (or chocolate if you're feeling extra indulgent) and ice.
A popular drink in hot countries like Singapore, this cooler is quick to make and packed with a refreshing punch.
This mildly sweet, fleshy fruit is high in water and potassium and is great to make a cleansing drink that promotes liver health.
Best enjoyed during breakfast or post a good workout, this cooler is made using only three ingredients—raw beets, ginger and orange juice.
Primarily sweetened and fortified with the goodness of jaggery, this cooler is as versatile as can be. It aids in digestion and tastes best when chilled.
What is summer without the goodness of fruits? This recipe is quick to whip up and delicious too.
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