Beginners guide to types of coffee: Types of cold coffee (Part 3)

Cold brew
The ratio of coffee grounds to water should be 3/4 cup ground beans soaked in about 4 cups of cold water. Cold brew is the kind of coffee used to make iced coffee.
Cold espresso
It is literally what the name suggests, espresso in a chilled form, preferably put in a freezer for 30 minutes before sipping on it. It has a rich, robust and a mildly sweet taste.
Iced coffee
In this method coffee is brewed cold to which iced milk and ice cubes are added. You can use as much or as little coffee and milk, depending on how strong or mild you like it.
It is a blended iced coffee that is made with ice cream, flavoured syrup and milk, topped with whipped cream. This type of coffee contains almost no to very little coffee, It is an ideal option for those steering clear from caffeine but still want to indulge.
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