Check out this list of Prime Day sale items every kitchen must have

1. Adjustable Slicer
Be it for fine slicing or just one of those days where you wich to make your own chips, this adjustable slicer definitely comes handy
2. All-In-One Cooker
Reduce the clutter in your kitchen by swapping multiple vessels for this one super-cooker, Which comes with a pressure cooker lid, strainer lid and serving lid
3. Multipurpose Chopper
Invest in this chopper, grater, cutter, slicer and peeler, all in this one cool kitchen gadget
4. Ball Tea Infuser
Ditch the extra step of straining your tea and just get this tea infuser to do the trick just as efficiently
5. Multipurpose Steamer
If you can't be bothered by readying a makeshift double-boiler every time you need to steam something, invest in this multipurpose steamer. This equipment can also double as a normal vessel that can be used for cooking
6. Infuser Water Bottle
For gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts, this infuser bottle is a life saver. Just add your detoxifying ingredients to the infuser and sip your way to good health all day long
7. Silicone Bottle With Basting Brush
Long gone are the days when we'd use three utensils for one job. With this innovation all you need to do is fill it up with the basting ingredients and just keep cooking
8. Appam Pan
We cannot stress this enough when we say every kitchen shoul have an appam pan. Multipurpose by nature, you can use them to make not only appams but even sweet delights like pancake balls or savoury snacks like vadas