Here are our top 5 picks on honey brands: raw, floral, flavoured and more

Maaticha is a leading producer of organic honey. From a monofloral honey, which has mixed sweet notes to a tulsi variant and wild jamun honey this brand has it all.
Source: @maati_cha (IG)
Loaded with pistachios, almonds and cashew nuts, Madhudhara honey is chock-o-block with dried fruits and is best enjoyed as a spoonful added to your breakfast bowl.
Source: @madhudharahoney (IG)
One brand that is putting a spotlight on North-Eastern ingredients is Zizira.Their honey varieties include flavours like bhut jolokia, turmeric twist, ginger-infused honey and more.
Source: @zizira_explorers (IG)
Brawny Bear is committed to creating a healthy and plant-based version of the much-loved sweetener and does so by using dates as the key ingredient.
Source: @brawnybearnutrition (IG)
Sourcing honey from bee-keepers across the length of the country, they procure and sell a range of pure and organic honey like Acacia Honey, Mustard Honey under the name Moonshine Honey Project.
Source: @moonshinehoneyproject (IG)