On his birthday, here are 6 dishes Shah Rukh Khan claims to be his favourite

Since his graduation days, SRK has been frequenting Evergreen Sweet House, Delhi, for a plateful of their wholesome chole bhature and jalebis
While many may turn the other cheek when presented with a plate of simple dal chawal, SRK finds comfort in the homely dish
When it comes to food made his mum, SRK is full of praise for the delectable Hyderabadi mutton biryani she makes
And just like us, SRK too loves a simple bread pakora to munch on
He may not have a sweet tooth, but SRK simply cannot resist the ice cream by his wife, Gauri Khan, makes
SRK mentions a deep rooted love for Mughlai cuisine given that he has feasted on the fare many a times while growing up