The confluence of Maharashtrian and Konkan cuisine served at SaffronStays Gardenia

While it is possible to opt for a cuisine you are comfortable with, don't miss out on sampling some authentic Maharashtrian and Konkan style food.
Seafood in Alibaug is a must! Don't forget to try this masala fish fry that is bursting with Konkan flavours.
Make sure to enjoy Maharashtrian specials like kanda bhaji, or a kothimbir vadi with your cup of tea, by the pool side, as you watch the sunset.
The in-house help at Gardenia makes wonderful fresh and juicy modaks that simply melt in your mouth. If you get a chance, make sure you cross this off your list.
And as a parting away memory, definitely enjoy a the barbecue. This will seal the deal on a perfect note.
So when are you headed to Gardenia?
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