The story of India’s first Neapolitan sourdough pizzeria: Si Nonna

Si Nonna’s sourdough pizza finds its origin in a sourdough starter that was flown down all the way from Italy and dates back to the 18th century
They emulate a typical Neapolitan pizzeria serving fried nibbles, salads, oven baked starters and most importantly, hand stretched Neapolitan pizzas and desserts
Nonna’s features three new pizzas on their Specials board every month, apart from the regular nine different varieties of pizza listed on the menu, and one of them is an exclusive Vegan pizza
The pizzas are served with drinks such as wine, Aperol, Campari, and beer that adds an element of fun to the overall experience
Among the desserts, Si Nonna's Tiramisu is a must-try. This creamy dessert, which literally translates to 'lift me up’, is laced with rum and freshly brewed espresso