Hard cheese
Pecorino, manchego and Grana-Padana are some well known hard cheeses. You can add hard cheese to your pizzas, vegetables and quiches, or have it plain!
Fresh cheese
Feta, chevre, buffalo mozzarella and fromage frais are some of the many soft, spreadable kinds of fresh cheese with mild flavours and are best when consumed within a few days of being made.
Soft cheese
Popular soft cheeses are brie and camembert that are loved for their rich, mild and creamy appeal. You can pair them with berries, nuts or a glass of sparkling wine.
Semi-hard cheese
Popular cheeses in this category are cheddar, gouda, havarti and gruyere and they all stand out best when served with fresh fruits or when paired with a glass of wine.
Blue-veined cheese
Blue-veined cheeses are usually paired with fruits and nuts or eaten plain. You can add blue cheese to your sauce to give it a tangy flavour or serve it with cooked meats and pasta.
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