Turn up the heat with Foo’s Fiery Edit Menu

For all our folks who love to dial up the spice on their plate every once in a while, Foo is back with its Fiery Edit menu- No Chill Edition
This summer sample some of the spiciest dishes that the vast Asian cuisine has to offer. If spice is your thing, visit any outlet of Foo and order away
The menu offers 14 sizzling dishes, 2 desserts and 4 cocktails all made with chillies sourced from India, Mexico, and Thailand—including Bhut Jolokia, Habanero, and Bird Eye
We definitely recommend the Spicy Jalapeno & Habenero Roll
As well as the Numbing Prawns
And as you enjoy your meal, don't forget to pair it with an equally piquant cocktail, like the Gunpowder
Even the robust Hotstepper will not disappoint