A Perfect New Year's Party Appetiser: Chicken Shashlik

A Perfect New Years Party Appetiser: Chicken Shashlik

For this New Year's party make the perfect chicken appetisers. Follow Chef Prashant's simple steps and make this lip smacking yet easy Chicken Shashlik at home!


1. Cut chicken and potatoes in 1" cubes.

2. Cut the onions and capsicum.

3. Take a bamboo stick and skewer the chicken (2 pieces) and potato (2 pieces), alternating with onion and capsicum pieces.

4. Repeat for other sticks also, take a bowl and mix flour, corn flour, the spices and salt.

5. Add warm water to make a thick paste.

6. Coat the sticks with the flour paste and deep fry in medium heat.

7. Heat a clean frying pan and add tomato ketchup. Stir fry the sticks for a minute.

8. Serve hot.

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