Aloo Paratha

This video highlights the step by step process to make an all time favourite dish - Aloo Paratha!

Aloo Paratha

  • Peel the boiled potatoes
  • TIP: when making rice, put potatoes on top and let it cook on the steam, this helps remove the stickiness in the potatoes
  • Serve: 4 parathas
  • Smash the potatoes
  • Add 1 tsp pounded ginger and garlic
  • Add coriander, salt to taste and the chopped green chillies
  • Mix everything well

To make the paratha

  • Make a dough ball
  • Put some flour on the top
  • Roll the dough out, making it as thin as possible
  • Put the potato stuffing
  • Dab the stuffing with some oil on top
  • Start to fold the chapati with the stuffing from all sides
  • Put some flour on it and roll it evenly
  • Such that all the edges are sealed

To prepare the paratha

  • Pre-heat the tawa (griddle) for a few seconds
  • Put the paratha on the tawa (griddle)
  • Add a tsp of oil from the corners
  • Try and flip the paratha only twice
  • Once the paratha turns brown on both sides, remove it
  • Ready to serve

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