Sindhi Aloo Tikki

The yummy potato masala shallow fried and coupled with a mouth-watering mint sauce will surely treat your taste buds.

Sindhi Aloo Tikki

  1. Peel the skin of the boiled potatoes
  2. And place them in a large plate in which you can later knead the potatoes
  3. Mash the potatoes with the help of a masher
  4. Add 1 tsp of shah jeera into the mashed potatoes
  5. Asd ½ tsp of red chilli powder
  6. Add finely chopped 2 green chillies
  7. Add a few finely chopped coriander leaves
  8. Soak the pav bread into a bowl of water for a few seconds
  9. Immediately take out the bread and squeeze out excess water from it
  10. Break the bread pieces into the aloo tikki batter
  11. Add salt as per taste
  12. Mix the aloo mixture and knead it together into a dough
  13. Rub few drops of oil on to the palms and put the dough together
  14. Take a few droplets on of oil on to the side of the plate
  15. Take a portion of the aloo tikki dough and roll it into a ball
  16. Use oil to smother out the aloo tikki ball
  17. Slightly flatten out the aloo tikki ball
  18. Repeat process to make more tikkis
  19. Add ½ tsp of coriander powder to onions, ginger, chilli and coriander mixture
  20. Add ¼ tsp of red chilli powder
  21. Add ¼ tsp of jeera powder
  22. Add ¼ tsp of amchoor powder
  23. Add salt to taste
  24. Mix all the ingredients together
  25. Take a portion of the aloo tikki dough and roll it into a ball
  26. Use oil to smother out the aloo tikki ball
  27. Flatten out the aloo tikki
  28. Place the filling at the centre of the flattened tikki
  29. Gently close the slightly flatten the aloo tikki
  30. Add 1 cup of oil into the kadai or a deep frying pan
  31. Ensure that the oil is hot
  32. TIP: To check if the oil is hot, put a tiny piece of potato into the pan. If it fritters, that means the oil is ready for frying
  33. Gently slide in the aloo tikki in the kadai
  34. Fry the tikkis until they turn golden brown from both sides
  35. Turn the tikkis around and cook them on a high flame
  36. Once done remove the tikkis from the oil and transfer onto a tissue
  37. Repeat process with the remaining tikki
  38. TIP: Another lighter option is to shallow fry the tikkis on a non-stick pan with less oil
  39. Serve hot with mint chutney

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