Arbi Ki Sabzi - Colocasia Leaves Curry

Arbi Ke Patteki Sabzi is an interesting lunch and dinner recipe served with roti. This traditional side dish recipe is made using colocasia leaves, Chana Dal and variety of spices. Try out this easy and healthy recipe by Raji in Hindi and let us know in the comments below.

Arbi Ki Sabzi - Colocasia Leaves Curry

Soak Chana Dal & Peanuts for 1/2 hour

Steam or Pressure Cook (2 whistles) the Colocasia Leaves (Arbi Patta) & then smash it.

Steam the soaked Chana Dal & Peanuts.

Season with salt Cooking.

In a deep pan heat some oil, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, chilies, hing, turmeric powder, curry leaves and cook them well

To this add the steamed peanuts & chana dal and mix it

Then add the chili powder and goda masala and mix it again

Add the steamed colocasia leaves, besan solution, tamarind pulp, jaggery, water & salt

Let this cook for a good 5 mins

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