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Baisakhi Special-Aloo Puri

Mar 21, 2013







Aloo puri is delicious, easy to make and can be cooked quickly at home . And not to mention nothing's better than home made Aloo Puri. Learn from the best and cook the most delicious home made aloo puri. In this video by IFN, watch Archana teaches you how to make tasty Aloo Puri at home , in Marathi language. Learn the recipe and prepare it on your own.


    3 boiled potatoes (1 roughly mashed and 2 diced)
    2 tsp of garlic-ginger paste
    2 chillies split for garnish
    1 tsp of chilli powder
    ½ tsp of haldi powder (turmeric powder)
    1 tsp of salt
    1 ½ tsp of dhaniya powder (coriander powder)
    1 tsp of jeera (cumin seeds)
    2-3 tbsp of coriander leaves
    Oil for cooking
    Water for the gravy
    3-4 tbsp of fresh yogurt
    2 tomatoes pureed
    1 tomato, finely chopped


Heat a kadai/ deep frying pan
Add oil
Add jeera (cumin seeds)
Add the garlic-ginger paste
Stir well
Add the slit green chillies
Add the chopped tomatoes
Stir well
Add the salt
Add the red chilli powder and haldi (turmeric powder)
Stir well
Add the tomato puree
Mix well
Add few coriander leaves
Stir well
Add the fresh yogurt
Mix well
Add the boiled potatoes
With the help of the spatula break the potatoes roughly
Add water
Lower the flame and let the aloo simmer for 5 mins
Add 1 green chilli and few coriander leaves for garnish
Use a wooden whisk and lightly mash the potatoes
Aloo puri is ready

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