Baisakhi Special-Kheer By Seema

When it comes to celebrating baisakhi, food is something you just cannot afford to miss and kheer would definitely be one of our top picks for the occasion. Stay hooked as seema shares her recipe for this popular Indian dessert.

Baisakhi Special-Kheer By Seema

Add 1 liter of boiled milk in a deep pan

Add in the soaked rice

Let the milk and rice cook on a slow flame for 40-50mins

Add 1 cup of milk

Add ½ cup of sugar

Mix well

Cook on slow flame

Add the almonds

Add the raisins

Add the powdered cardamoms

Mix well

Cook for another 5 mins

Ready to serve

Seema Gadh

Seema Gadh

Seema's YouTube channel, IFN Ka Dhaba is a place where you can rediscover some of the most delicious and popular dishes from the Punjabi kitchen. If you are looking for north Indian recipes, you know where to stop by.

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