Baisakhi Special-Puri Aloo

Aloo puri is delicious, easy to make and can be cooked quickly at home . And not to mention nothing's better than home made Aloo Puri. Learn from the best and cook the most delicious home made aloo puri. In this video by IFN,

Baisakhi Special-Puri Aloo

  • Pour a bowl of wheat flour into the mixing pan
  • Make a small well in the wheat flour
  • Add salt
  • Add ajwain
  • Add some water
  • Start mixing all the ingredients together for the dough
  • Ajwain adds flavour to the puris and also helps in digestion
  • Add 1-2 tbsp of oil to the kneaded dough
  • Knead the dough again
  • Once the dough is soft enough, time to roll out the puris
  • Start frying the rolled out puris
  • Tip: The puris should not be fried too dark. The ideal colour is light golden

Seema Gadh

Seema Gadh

Seema's YouTube channel, IFN Ka Dhaba is a place where you can rediscover some of the most delicious and popular dishes from the Punjabi kitchen. If you are looking for north Indian recipes, you know where to stop by.

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