Bateta Patra

Bored of munching the same old tea time snacks? Try out Bateta Patra. A traditional Gujarati snack, Arina guides tells you her secret to this recipe

Bateta Patra

Add the red chilli powder to the mashed potatoes

Add the ginger green chilli paste

Add a pinch of amchur powder

Add salt to taste

Add a pinch of sugar

Add freshly chopped coriander leaves

Mix well

TIP: Taste the potato after mixing to adjust the salt and spice as per taste

Dust the rolling base and rolling pin with dry wheat flour

Take a portion of the dough

Dip it in dry flour

Use the rolling pin to flatten it out

TIP: You will need to apply more pressure to flatten the firm dough

Roll out the dough as round and as thin as possible

Place a portion of the potato filling

Evenly spread it on to the rolled out dough

TIP: For jain recipe, one can replace potatoes with raw bananas, boiled and mashed.

Dust the hands with dry flour

Gently roll the dough inwards

Remove the excess filling

Wet the finger lightly with water and apply it at the opening to shut it

Close the ends similarly by applying water

Dust the entire roll with dry flour

Lightly dust the knife before cutting

Gently cut out the rolled out dough

Keep a distance of minimum ¼ inch between each piece

Coat the patras in dry flour and slide them in hot oil for frying

Fry until they are golden brown

Remove them on to the tissues paper to soak excess oil

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