Bhonu appetite! Celebrate Navroz with our Parsi favourites

Spend the weekend exploring these famous Parsi delicacies

Bhonu appetite! Celebrate Navroz with our Parsi favourites

Isn't it time we look beyond Dhansak and berry pulao? We say this as we echo the emotion of the entire Parsi community. While we satiate all of our cravings for Parsi food in legendary Irani cafes like Kayani & Co. and Britannia & Co. in Mumbai, there is more to the community's food than bun-maska and chai. With Navroz here, we decided to curate a list of recipes that will allow you to enjoy a hearty meal this weekend. Scroll ahead for ideas so you can have yourself a Majja Ni weekend.

1.Bhaaji par eeda

It's not unknown that Parsis love their eggs. This classic dish comprises a couple of sunny side eggs cooked on top of bhaji or vegetables. Typically, fenugreek leaves are used as the base. We recommend this for a hearty and filling lunch.

2.Chicken farcha

The Parsi version of fried chicken, this fried snack goes well with steamed rice, bread or a fresh yoghurt dip and mint chutney. Most Parsi homes have a secret spice mix that they season their farcha with.

3. Akuri

Essentially, akuri is a scrambled egg preparation made with generous amounts of onions, tomatoes, and coriander leaves. Some like to add fresh cream for that smooth and runny texture. It is traditionally served with salad and pav.

And if you're looking to enjoy a full-blown spread this Navroz, do it with our throwback to when actor, model and food enthusiast Mandana Karimi came to our kitchen to cook up a storm. Watch the video to see how she takes you through the process of preparing a traditional Iranian meal on the occasion of their new year, featuring Sabzi Polo Ba Mahi ( fish with rice), Kuku Sabzi (herb omelette) and Mast-o-Khiar (yoghurt dip)

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