Bitter Sweet Coffee Cake

Love coffee and cake? Why not whip them up together into this delicious treat?

Bitter Sweet Coffee Cake

1. In a big bowl, add unsalted butter & sugar and mix the ingredients well.

2. Once the mixture is mixed well, add eggs slowly in batches and whisk it well.

3. Next, add the dry ingredients to the egg mixture i.e. plain flour, baking powder, coffee powder & cocoa powder.

4. Mix them together to create a thicker batter.

5. Pour the mixture in a cake tin and keep it for baking for 30-35 mins at 170°C.

6. Once the cake is ready, pull out the tin from the oven and let the cake cool for around 45 mins.

7. Sprinkle some sugar on top and the cake is ready to be served!

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