Black Jaggery Caramel Sauce

Black Jaggery Caramel Sauce

What's for dessert today? Not decide yet? Don't worry about it. Make your weekend dessert all the more special by following Shagun's simple steps and make this very tasty Bebinca with Black Jaggery Caramel Sauce.


1. Start with roasting the cashews in a pan until slightly golden brown and keep them aside to cool.

2. For the sauce, add some black jaggery in a pan and melt it on a low flame. Add in butter and cream and mix well.

3. Pour the sauce into a bowl and in the same pan add a little more of the jaggery and butter and coat the cashews in it.

4. Wait until the cashews cool. Serve the black Jaggery sauce with bebinca and roasted cashews.

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