Dessert Recipe | Boondi Ladoo

Dessert Recipe | Boondi Ladoo


1. Add a bowl of besan in a large mixing bowl.

2. Pour a little water at a time and then mix it together, ensuring its lump-free.

3. In this manner, the texture also will be nice and smooth, more of a pouring consistency.

4. Add more water accordingly if required. The batter is ready then.

5. Now heat a kadhai on the gas and add some oil to it.

6. In the meanwhile, side by side start making the sugar syrup.

7. So take another kadhai, add a cup of sugar and water as required precisely around a bowl will be great.

8. Add orange food colour to the kadhai along with crushed cardamom.

9. Let it simmer for a while.

10. Now take a perforated ladle, place it on the kadhai containing hot boiling oil and then pour through it the batter made earlier.

11. Follow the steps mentioned above for 30 seconds after pouring the batter through the ladle.

12. Fry it and then take it off when it's still soft and not crunchy.

13. Add the boondi to the sugar syrup made.

14. Finally, add muskmelon seeds to it.

15. Stir it together and then let it rest for about 7-8 minutes.

16. Take portions of this mixture now and then bind them into a round shape.

17. Ready to Serve.

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