Homemade Bruschettas With Mustard Slaw

Make this Italian favourite at home with a delicious mustard slaw.

Homemade Bruschettas With Mustard Slaw

1. Heat a heavy bottom griddle for the bread

2. Loosen the cabbage and chop it into fine shreds

3. Now add 2 chopped spring onions, 1/4 juliennes of red bell pepper, 1/4 juliennes of green capsicum, 1/4 juliennes of carrot and sugar for sweetness

4. Sprinkle some black pepper

5. Add salt according to taste

6. Now add 2 tbsp of mustard sauce

7. Squeeze 1/2 lemon and add 1/4 cup of mayonnaise

8. Mix everything well together

9. Once the bread has been buttered, place it on the hot griddle10. Keep the bread on the griddle till they become crispy

11. Once the bread turns crispy and brown remove them

12. Top it with mustard slaw

13. Garnish with green olives and baby tomatoes

14. Ready to serve

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