Budget Day Special-Vegetable Manchurian

Make this easy Chinese Veg Manchurian recipe by Arina.

Budget Day Special-Vegetable Manchurian

Set some oil to heat in a deep frying vessel before getting started on the dumplings

Take the mashed potatoes in a mixing bowl

Tip - Dampen and break up the bread slice into little pieces, so that it acts as a good binding agent

Add the french beans

Add chopped carrots

Chopped cabbage

Mix lightly

Add pepper

Salt to taste

A tsp of the chopped ginger

A tsp of chopped green chilli

A tsp of chopped garlic

Add the whole-wheat flour

Mix well

Shape into dumplings and coat in corn flour

Fry the dumplings till crisp and golden brown

Tip – Cook on a slow flame and turn over to cook evenly

Take out the dumplings, drain on blotting paper and set aside

Manchurian Sauce:

Add the remaining chopped garlic, green chillies and ginger

Stir till lightly browned

Add the water

Tip – Add very little or no water to make your dish dry

Add the light soya sauce

A little salt

Some pepper

Once it comes to a boil, add a slurry of corn flour and water

Lower flame and keep stirring

Once the sauce begins to boil add the dumplings

Tip – You can also add cut onions and capsicum to the sauce if you like

Finally add some spring onion leaves, saving some for a granish

Once the dumplings are well coated in sauce, your Vegetable Manchurian is ready to serve

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