Caramalized Onion Jam by Ruchira

Onion and jam ain't that a queer combination? Ruchira teaches you how to make this different caramelized onion topping. A perfect snack with fresh bread!

Caramalized Onion Jam by Ruchira

Crush the garlic cloves and keep aside

Heat the pan

Add olive oil

Add all the onions

Add crushed garlic

Add salt

TIP: Adding salt makes it soft

Add thyme

Once the onions start turning pale add the balsamic vinegar

Add 1/2 of the balsamic vinegar

Stir till the onions are coated well with the balsamic

Turn the flame down

TIP: One should keep on seasoning the onions at regular intervals with water or with balsamic


Take a baguette

Cut into slices

Apply some goat cheese

And top it up with caramelized onion jam

Ready to serve!

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