Chapatis aren't as easy as they seem. But here, let us tell you how to make a perfect Chapati step by step. Oh, and don't miss the tip which ensures your Chapati gets that perfect circle!


  • To make the dough: put the dough in the plate; add salt according to taste; add 3 tsp of oil; add water in intervals (till the dough doesn't form keep adding water); add 1 tsp of oil once the dough is formed; TIP: Once the dough is formed, keep aside for 5 mins as the dough becomes soft, before you start to make the chapatis.
  • Make soft dough balls
  • Lets start making the chapatis: press the dough in your hands; place it on the board and start rolling it; while rolling put some oil and flour on the top; make it into a triangle and start rolling it out again; keep rolling the dough in a circular direction to obtain a circular chapati; TIP: If you feel the chapati is sticking to the board apply some flour
  • Let's fry the chapati: Pre-heat the tawa for a few seconds on a low flame; put the chapati onto the tawa; once the chapati starts to rise on one side, add 1 tsp of oil; with the help of the pakad flip the chapati; ensure the chapati turns brown from all edges; chapati is ready to serve
  • Serve with some ghee on top
  • Utensils

    • To make the dough - a medium sized plate
    • To make the chapati - pol paat (chapati board) & belan (rolling pin)
    • To fry the chapati – tawa (griddle) & pakkad (tongs)

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