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Chapor Ghonto Recipe By Ananya Banerjee

Oct 08, 2018







A vegetarian delight, Chapar Ghonto is a mishmash of fresh vegetables enriched with lentils patties to try this Durga Puja. An assortment of spices is perfectly blended with vegetables and cooked in quintessential Emami Healthy & Tasty Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil which is rich in vitamins A, D & E. Go ahead and try this mouthwatering Bengali dish and pair it with steamed rice.


    1 cup Potatoes peeled and cubed
    1 cup Pumpkin cubed
    ½ cup Eggplant
    1 cup Ridged gourd cubed
    ½ cup seem broad beans
    1 cup Matar dal or split yellow peas: soaked for 3 hrs
    1 tbs Ginger grated
    2 tbs Black mustard paste
    2 tbs Poppy seed paste
    ½ cup grated Coconut to garnish
    2 Bay leaves
    2-3 Dry red chilies
    1 tsp Paanch foron or bengali five spice mix
    2-3 Green chilies
    1 tsp Turmeric powder
    ½ cup Emami Healthy & Tasty Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil
    ¼ cup coriander leaves finely chopped
    Salt & Sugar to taste



– Prepare lentil paste with a little turmeric powder, green chilies, ginger, and salt.

– Heat 2-3 tablespoons of mustard oil, and fry tablespoons of lentil paste and shallow fry. These are the ‘Chapor’. Keep aside

– Heat mustard oil in a pan. Add paanch foron , dry red chilies, bay leaves. As the spices release, nice aroma add the vegetables, with a little salt and turmeric powder, cover and cook. After 10 min adds other vegetables and rest of the grated ginger cover and cook it till the vegetables are done.

– Add mustard-poppy seed paste mix well. Break the chapor or the lentil patties and green chilies.

– Garnish with grated coconut and serve hot with steamed rice.

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Ananya is a successful home chef, cookbook author, food stylist and consultant. She is known for her unique pop-ups that focus on Ethiopian as well as Bengali and Odisha food. Ananya-r Rannaghor is her tribute to lost and rare recipes of her home state.

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