Cheese Corn Balls

Got some cheese in fridge? Why not use it to make a plate of sinfully delicious cheese corn balls? If the idea sounds good, then stay tuned for Arina is about to share her recipe for this dish!

Cheese Corn Balls

Take the boiled corn in a bowl

Add coriander leaves

Salt and pepper to taste

Tip - Go easy on the salt, the cheese also has some

Tabasco sauce

Tip - You can also add other spices that you like

Add the cheese spread, mix well and set aside

Soak the slice of bread in water

Mash and break it up

Squeeze out the excess water

Add to the bowl of potatoes

Add salt to taste

Mix well

Tip - Make sure there are no lumps

Take a small fistfull of the potato mix and flatten

Add a little filling

Cover with a little more potato mix and roll into a ball

Tip – When in a hurry, you can add the two mixes together and mix into ball

Roll in dry flour

Deep fry on medium to high flame till golden brown

Drain and serve the cheese corn balls!

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