Cheese & Jalapeno Triangles (Cheese Samosa) By Maithily

Cheese & Jalapeno Triangles (Cheese Samosa) By Maithily

- Mix 1 tbsp flour with 2 tbsp water and make a thick paste.

- Remove seeds from bell pepper and slice the bell pepper.

- Add white cheddar cheese, half a cup of cooking cheese, finely chopped jalapenos and mix it up well.

- Fold the Samosa wraps in a triangle shape and add the stuffing within the triangle.

- Use flour paste to seal the edges of the Samosa.

- Make more few in the similar manner.

- Heat Oil for few minutes in a pan for about 175 degrees C.

- Drop each samosa one by one in the pan and fry it on both the sides till it gets a golden brown colour.

- Serve with Tomato or any Sauce according to taste.

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