Cheese Stuffed Peas Cutlet

We just know your child will love the crispy taste of these Green Peas Tikkis stuffed with a cheesy surprise! Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup adds a punch of flavour and makes the dish even more appealing.

Cheese Stuffed Peas Cutlet

In a pan, heat oil, add cumin seeds, ginger, chilli, green peas and bell peppers.

Saute for a few minutes and season with salt Once cooked, blend in a mixer.

Take out in a bowl and mix roasted gram flour (besan) and Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup to make a mixture

Make a golf-sized ball out of the mixture, make a hole at the centre and stuff with cheese

Flatten it into a cake shape

Heat oil in a pan, lightly roast it on both sides for few minutes each

Serve these crispy peas cakes in your child’s tiffin.

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