Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma with a refreshing Yogurt-Cucumber Sauce is an ideal protein wrap for your child’s tiffin. Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup adds a fun, tangy flavour to the dish for kids to enjoy with every bite.

Chicken Shawarma

In a bowl, combine salt, pepper and oil. Add chicken strips and mix it well. Keep it aside to marinate.

In another bowl, combine yogurt, tahini paste, blanched spinach and mix well. Add cucumber, garlic powder, lemon juice and salt to taste. Mix them well and keep it aside

Preheat the grilling pan, drizzle a little bit of oil. Cook it for 3-4 minutes and flip it so that the chicken is evenly cooked, approximately 3 minutes per side.

To prepare the shawarma, take a butter paper and place a roti on it, spread Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup on the roti and spread some lettuce leaves. Top it with chicken, tomatoes and the prepared cucumber-yogurt sauce

Roll carefully and secure filling inside.

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