Chocolate-Banana Sundae

This Banana Sundae dessert is sure to be your child's new favourite! Mixed with ice cream and the rich flavours of chocolate, it tastes absolutely delicious. You just have to try this super easy dessert recipe for Children's Day!

Chocolate-Banana Sundae

Slice the banana lengthwise and remove the peel.

Place it in a banana split plate so the round edges touch the outside of the bowl.

Scoop the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream in between the bananas.

Spread the strawberry jam over the strawberry ice cream.

Drizzle the chocolate fudge over the chocolate ice cream.

Put the whipping cream over top of the three flavors of ice creams.

Sprinkle the dish with marshmallows and peanuts.

Drizzle the chocolate fudge over the banana split. Top each of the ice cream heaps with cherries.

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