Christmas Special: Chicken Pot Pie

This Christmas, cook yourself the best chicken pot pie.

Christmas Special: Chicken Pot Pie

1. In a pan, heat 2 tbsp butter. Once the butter melts add onions, mushrooms, salt and lemon juice.

2. Now add 1 tsp cumin, rosemary, thyme, red masala and stir well.

3. Add shredded chicken along with lemon juice, salt, flour, chicken stock.

4. Place the pastry on it, sprinkle some flour on the pastry.

5. Roll the pastry and place a ramekin on the pastry & mark 1 inch space away from it.

6. Cut the pastry according to the 1 inch marking made on it.

7. Place the cut out pastry on the ramekin and put the ramekin into the chiller.

8. Once the ramekins are removed from the chiller, put an adequate serving of the filling inside.

9. For the egg wash: Break 1 egg & whisk it.

10. With a brush, brush the edges of the ramekin with the egg wash.

11. Close ramekin with the pastry and ready to serve.

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