How To Make Coconut Jaggery Karanji At Home

How To Make Coconut Jaggery Karanji At Home


1. Switch on the gas, take a pan and add a bowl of freshly grated coconut.

2. Add a few chunks of yellow jaggery and then prepare the filling for the karanji.

3. Keep stirring it and let it mix properly.

4. Add some cardamom powder, mix it together and the filling is ready.

5. Take the pan off the gas.

6. Take the wheat dough, pull out a few chunks from the dough and then flatten it with a rolling pin.

7. In the meanwhile, take some oil in order to heat in a kadhai.

8. Add the filling in the dough and then seal it in the manner of a karanji.

9. Crop the sides with a sharp object used to make karanji.

10. Add the karanjis one by one in hot oil and fry until they turn golden brown in colour.

11. Take them out on a plate with tissue paper to remove the excess oil.

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