Coconut Ladoo

These coconut ladoos are easy to make and are everyone's favourite during festivals.

Coconut Ladoo

1. Put the milk in a pan

2. Add the grated coconut into the milk

3. Add the powdered cardamom into the milk

4. Let the ingredients boil for 10-15 mins or until all the milk is absorbed by the coconut

5. Keep stirring at regular intervals

6. Place a thick bottomed pan/ kadai on the flame

7. Transfer the contents from the previous pan into the kadai

8. Add sugar into the kadai

9. Cook the ingredients for another 15-20 mins or the until the cocnut has turned sticky

10. Add a pinch of food colour

11. Stir well

12. Let the mixture cool for 5-7 mins before making the ladoos

13. Put a bit of ghee on your palm

14. Take a portion of the mixture and form a round ball

15. Repeat the process with the remaining mixture

16. Cool for 2hrs in the refrigerator and serve cold

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